Welcome to my new blog! Blogging is not something new to me, but this blog in particular certainly is.

I started writing blogs in October of 2007. I wrote primarily Christian-based blogs that I posted on MySpace. It was a fun learning experience, and I met a lot of people that I still consider dear friends (and some I consider family).

I wrote consistently for quite sometime and then faded when MySpace changed their platform and when I was going through some massive personal changes (divorce).

I made a few attempts to keep blogging, but found I was frustrated with the desire to write about more than religion and philosophy. God was stretching me in so many ways and I had been experiencing a lot of growth on so many levels that I wanted to share.  From relationships, to parenting, to learning my son has Asperger’s, to “starting over.”

So, after much prayer, thought, setting goals and achieving them, this new site has finally been born.

Many say, “I’m an open book” and I am, but I’m also an OPEN HEART.  I hope you enjoy the way I express that here!

a note from gina…

PLEASE pardon my 'mess'... I'm still fine-tuning the graphics and the content and, well... Let's just say I shouldn't have invited "company" in just yet, but I got too excited!

That said...I am so glad you're here!!