Must be Teen Spirit…

Being the mom of a teenager is quite a bit different than any mothering I have experienced thus far.  Of course, I can only speak of my own teenager, so don’t take this as a “blanket statement” about teenagers.

I don’t know if it is the times we are living in, the personality of my child or the fact that he’s a teenager, but lately all I hear is how this is unfair or that is unfair.  It’s all about HIS rights.

Take for example this situation.  Last night our meal time was very laid back, so my son wanted to eat in his lounge area in the basement.  We don’t allow food downstairs, due to the whole bug issue (and also the whole issue of dishes piling up and extra messes that could be resolved if no food was allowed).

Of course, I reminded him “no food in the basement”, and his reply, “Oh, c’mon.  That is so unfair!  You get to eat wherever YOU want to eat.”  (Which is not true, but through his eyes it is.)

Now, when I was a kid, my mother’s response would have been, “I’m the mom, I can do whatever I want to.”  (sorry, Mom, no disrespect) So, I try that, but it doesn’t work.  Still I get arguing.

Finally, I just close my mouth (because I like to argue too – just ask my mom!) and he eventually settles in at the kitchen table to eat his meal.  I’ve learned that my child’s level of pride is so high that he will not, anytime soon, admit that MY rules and guidelines are for good reason, and I always have his best interest at heart.

Society seems to have the same attitude towards God these days — that “Teen Spirit”.  He has given us His Word (the Bible) which includes His instruction and guidelines, but, instead, we continually choose to do things our own way.  (I use “we” because I include myself.)

I ask you this – are you truly happy doing things your own way?  Do you find success?  Do you find your life has purpose and value?  Do you feel you make a difference in the world?

Maybe you have found happiness.  As for me, without God playing the biggest role in my life, I found emptiness.

Guardian of our soul,
wonderfully strong, unconquerable,
may the whole of Your creation
serve You in the Most Holy Trinity;
grant us this blessing; amen

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