Simple Unity of the Heart

I don’t think I would be the first one to tell you that Christians should be united with each other.  I am talking on a bigger scale than individuals.  I’m talking all of the Christian denominations, as a whole.

Today, Christians are like a family that refuses to come together for the holidays.  When you realize that the church is the mystical body of Christ and that we are all divided, this division rather takes on a whole new meaning.

We are called to be ONE, as Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. “That they all be ONE, Father…”  HOW?

There are many ways Christians can unite. This is one simplistic example that I think explains it well.

My parents divorced when I was three years old. I saw my “real” dad last when I was five (he died when I was nine).  When I was five, my mom started seeing someone new, and, looking back, it seems as though God must have given me this grace to accept him as my Dad, not as a STEP dad or a “father figure” but a DAD, a father. I loved him from the beginning. (and still do) I didn’t like to tell anyone that he wasn’t my “real” dad.  Not because I was ashamed, but to think like that broke my heart.

A result of any broken home is often a variety of siblings.  I had one half brother, one half sister and one “real” sister. I only differentiate them here to show my point.  In reality, I never considered any of these siblings to be different – they were MY brother/sister, no “half”, no “real”, no distinctions in my heart. We may be disfunctional (like most families), but in my heart, we are who we are, a family.  A WHOLE family, not a “broken” one.

When we can do this same thing as Christians, opening our hearts and our doors to all brothers and sisters, accepting them for who they are, loving them for the family that they are, sharing His gifts; this will be unity. It is, in essence living out one of the Greatest Commands – loving your neighbor as yourself.

As I heard on the radio the other day — we need to QUIT focussing on our differences and begin to focus on making a difference.

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