Diamond in the Rough

I used to write a lot of poetry when I was younger.  Mostly when I was a teenager.  It was a great way to express my heart and work through the emotions that I tucked, deep within myself.  The last poem I wrote was my Freshman year in college.  I think that was when, perhaps, I started my journey, into the desert.

I tried to resurrect that part of me and took every poetry class I could.  The classes weren’t to WRITE poetry, but about interpreting poetry.  It actually found the classes to be quite amusing, as sometimes I wondered – were these writers trying to convey ANY of what we think, or were they just simply EXPRESSING themselves, from the depths of their soul, which is a place that, truly, only the writer can understand the true meaning.

And so, this blog is going to be a bit different, as it seems, with the help of a dear friend, God has given me POETRY again.  (WOO HOO!) And, in that, I’m coming to realize that “Heaven on Earth” is/can be found in those moments when we realize our VICTORY (through Him) and “take back” (with Him) what He gave us in the beginning — our “BELOVEDness”.

(I’m feeling a bit “exposed” right now, to reveal to you what is found in the depths of my soul.)

Diamond in the Rough

You get a glimpse of it as you stroll through your life, and PICK it up because it seems, somehow to belong to you.

It is a gem of sorts, but the beauty of it you do not see, nor appreciate.

But, still you KNOW there is value there of “some” kind.

From time to time, it beckons you to look at it and consider WHAT it might be, how it might look, if it were in its “TRUE” state.

You imagine.

You dream.

You tuck it back where it is “safe” for fear of the “unknown”.

Finally, you notice a sparkle, shining forth.

A new light.

A new beauty.

A new awareness.

A new understanding.

And that is when you realize, the treasure you HELD in your possession from the beginning.

He was waiting for that time, that special time, He sat aside JUST for you.

When He would show you the beauty, majesty and awe of His face.

As He whispers in your heart…

YOU are my BELOVED child.

And you KNOW … you are HOME.

© 2008

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