Give Him the ’Pencil’

It seems to me that it was about the fourth grade when I  started to notice the different writing ‘styles’ of my friends. One friend, Paula, made THE coolest “e.. It looked like it started out as a “c”, then she drew a straight line from the top-right corner to the base of the curve. It was different and, as far as I knew, unique to her.

I loved it! Not just because  it looked cool, but because it was unique in and of itself AND unique to her.

I remember trying to come up my own writing style. Actually, I still remember vividly, sitting  at my desk, trying so hard that my hand was hurting. Finally, the pain forced me to relax my hand, and the writing flowed. I remember being almost SHOCKED that the handwriting was mine!

Our relationship with God is often JUST LIKE this. We are trying so hard (the ‘keyword’ there  being “WE”) that He cannot work IN and THROUGH us. Finally, as we relax and “lower our heads”  (humble ourselves) His face (his character/Will/Glory/etc.) shines through.

When we find ourselves “holding tight,” clinging to our own  will, let us pray for the fortitude to let go so that He can ‘guide the pencil,’ and write “the story of our lives.”

Better yet…

~ GIVE Him the ‘pencil’ ~

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