It is a Choice

I don’t think it’s “news” to anyone reading this that there  is a LOT going on in the world these days.  Famine, disease, natural disasters, stock market crashes. You name it, we seem to be living IN it.

As I think about all of this, I have come to understand that  oftentimes, we cannot control our circumstances. Many of us TRY as best as we can, but there  comes a time when we simply realize we have no choice but to succumb to the circumstances around us and hit them head on.

What then?

Although we may not be able to always control our circumstances, we CAN control how we “deal” with those circumstances.

We have a choice!

We can be angry, bitter and fearful. We can focus on all of the negativity of the situation(s). We can step INTO the “darkness.”


We can choose to be at peace and hopeful. We can persevere and focus on what WE can do  to contribute to the “cure.” We can “shine the light” in the darkness.

It’s the age-old “adage:” We can be a part of the problem  (by focusing on the “negative”) OR we can be a part of the SOLUTION.

To me, it is a choice between “heaven” (dealing with a situation  with love and peace) and “hell” (dealing with a situation with anger and  bitterness) ~ a choice we can EACH make.

What would Jesus do?

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