Mirror ~ Mirror

I have been observing for the past several years how people “judge” others.  I’ve noticed that oftentimes, though not ALWAYS, those that are needing forgiveness the most encourage others to forgive;  those who cry “hypocrite” the most are the most hypocritical;  those that beg for mercy can often be the most merciless.

I’m not saying that this is ALWAYS the case, rather I have observed it to be the case many times. This “observance” has caused me to hold the mirror up to myself.  Each time I notice something about the way someone else is behaving, I look in the mirror. (not ‘literally’ but I look WITHIN and ask God to reveal to me that which may need “correction”)

We tend to expect from others the “perfection” that we are striving for within ourselves…..

Several years ago, I sat, convicted, in the pew of my church as the pastor highly discouraged married women from being friends with men.  I don’t discriminate between being friends with men or women and many of my very best friends are men.  (ask Steve LOL)

Three years ago, on the weekend after Easter, it became obvious why the preacher had preached so strongly about married men and women not having friends of the opposite sex.  It was announced that he (the Pastor) had been having an affair with the church administrator.  BOTH were married, neither were married to each other.  What shocked me most was that the passion that drove his message was there because he didn’t want anyone to be LIKE HIM.

Again, I think that there is truth in that we tend to expect from others the “perfection” that we are striving for within ourselves…..

In THAT “light,” let’s look at this scripture:

Do not judge, and you will not be judged; because the judgments you give are the judgments you will get, and the amount you measure out is the amount you will be given. [Matthew 7:1]

I have always believed that to mean that I will receive equal portions of judgment (on “judgment day”) to that which I have dealt.   I still believe that; however, what I am beginning to SEE in that scripture is that my own JUDGMENT of OTHERS oftentimes “convicts” me.

LISTEN to what you are saying of others. Then, LOOK in your own mirror (reflect) and ask God to reveal to you if YOU need some work in that area.

What’s in your mirror?….

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