Stand in the “Water”

A child playing in the water either stands in the “background” and enjoys the spray, or he gets as close to the “source” as he can.

Today marks the beginning of lent.  For some, it is nothing “special.”  It is special to me, though that doesn’t make ME special.  LOL

The “goal” is to fast from SOMETHING for 40 days, until Easter morning.  The “point,” quite simply, is to get as CLOSE to the LIVING WATER as possible.

Many give up sweets, chocolate, caffeine or any other consumable “weakness.”  I have gone that route.  Last year, however, I “gave up” (or TRIED to give up anyway) self doubt and self negation.  As I was in the middle of a huge life change, those were big things for me to “fast” from.

To me, the “fast” is more of a “feast” ~ you let go of one thing and fill the “emptiness” with God.

This year, I’m still undecided on what to fast from. Guess I better get on the ball since lent starts today. I’m thinking perhaps I will fast from “unbelief.”

Lord I believe.  Help thou mine unbelief.” [Mark 9:24]

Perhaps some “Lenten” inspiration will help?

Fast from hostility; feast on peacemaking…..

Fast from bitterness; feast on forgiveness…..

Fast from anger; feast on patience….

Fast from despair; feast on hope…..

How about you?  What do you think about “fasting?” Do you participate in Lent?

Care to share?

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