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(this is a bit of a “sister blog” to the one i posted yesterday. purely unintentional.  I apologize for not having something different.)

This morning when I went to my son’s room, I noticed a McAfee popup.  As many of you know, McAfee is a virus protection software.  I’m a Norton 360 gal myself, which is another form of virus protection software.  My son’s computer is ALSO covered by Norton.  (McAfee was something that he accidentally installed while updating Flash a few weeks ago.) He also has a spyware protector, as we found out several months ago that there are a few things that Norton just doesn’t seem to clean.

As I looked at the McAfee popup, I thought to myself, WOW! His computer is really protected.  Which is a good thing, given that I just had to do a complete reinstall of Windows after he chose not to heed the Norton WARNINGS and downloaded one too many Trojan horses (a type of computer “virus”).

As Christians, we have a LOT of forms of “virus protection.” There is prayer.  Which is, in my opinion, the BEST.  That is why we are called to pray without ceasing ~ always have our MIND/thoughts/FOCUS be single ~ FIXED on the Lord.  There is also fasting.  There is worship and praise.

God provides a myriad of avenues by which we can REMEMBER Him (“virus protection”). Some forms of “protection” are more effective for some but not for others.  (We are ALL unique, afterall.)  We tend to encourage that which is most effective for us.

PRAYER  is “universal”…

Although I realize that many Christians do not participate in lent, it is like a “complete scan” for me.  Though we should always have our hearts focused on God, life gets busy and we get distracted.  We get “infected” with the worldly/VIRUSes.  Lent reminds me to set my focus on the Kingdom of God ~ to PRAY unceasingly.

What do you do to protect your “system?”  Is it EFFECTIVE?

Have you done a COMPLETE SCAN of yourself lately?

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