Driving in the Turn Lane

I was out for my daily walk when I noticed a car driving down the road in the turn lane.  Eventually, the car turned, but it struck me as odd how the guy had driven in the turn lane so prematurely.  (There was absolutely no traffic, yet he drove for several blocks down the turn lane without even an “option” to turn.)  As I often do when something strikes me like that, I begin to pray for a lesson that I might learn.

What came to mind was a blog that I was reading this morning.  In it, the writer is seeking a deeper, broader understanding of God.  He is putting his theology on the table and welcoming discussion so that he might grow. As I see it, through his SEEKING, he is anticipating a “turn.”  In essence, he is driving in the turn lane.

Have you given your “drive” with God any thought lately?  

Are you on the same path that you’ve always been on?  Are you stuck in the same theology, without the desire to learn more and grow deeper in your faith?

Are you on “cruise control?”  Are you SEEKING and anticipating a turn/CHANGE? Or are you too busy being a “backseat driver?”

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