~ Let it Be ~

I’m not typically an American Idol fan, but for some reason this season I have been watching a bit more than usual.  When one of the contestants are sent home, they are given the opportunity to sing “one last song.”  (I was shocked to hear the girl’s name spoken, as she had really been doing quite well and had seemed to come into herself over the past month. )

Then it happened.  When she sang “one last song,” she sang her version of the Beatles song, “Let it Be.”

I cried like a baby. (yes, I know, sad, huh? lol)

Maybe it was my hormones, but I tend to think it was more about the day that I had had, and God had chosen this young lady to reach out and provide me the courage that I needed to persevere.

You see, my day started when my 15 year old son decided that he didn’t have the will to go to school ~ again.  It’s been a battle for him this year, but that is a really long story.  I’ll just say that I was extremely frustrated.

Then, as the dust settled from the consequences of my son’s choice for the day, I login to MySpace and find so many of those that I love dearly, fighting with each other.  My heart sunk yet again.  I realize that befriending so many with different types of religious backgrounds and beliefs gives a greater chance of fighting “among the masses,” but it truly breaks my heart.

All of this is probably nothing compared to the days that so many people have, and I’m sure that many of you could tell me horror stories about your day. I mean not to complain, rather to give glory to God that, when the night is cloudy, there is still a Light that shines on me…..

Shine on until tomorrow, let it be.

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