The Price of “Enlightenment”

NOTE: The word “enlightenment” is being used here, as this blog was inspired by a comment made in which the person used the word “enlightenment.” There are many forms of “enlightenment” ~ As I am a Christian, I am talking about Spiritual, Godly “Enlightenment” as opposed to PERSONAL/SELF “Enlightenment” (thank you, Patty & Rev. Spotter)

I recently posted a blog where one of the readers commented: “Our seeking spiritual enlightenment sometimes comes at the expense of others.” The title of the blog was “Driving in the Turn Lane” and the comment, quite literally, had me STOPPED in my tracks.

Though I am one to look for the blessing in all things, I understood completely the point that the reader was making. (I think ~ I’m sure he’ll let me know if I missed it!)

When Jesus approached the disciples and said, “Follow Me,” didn’t the disciples leave family behind?  And wouldn’t this family possibly have faced some hardships without the “breadwinner?”  (I’m just using that scenario to setup my point, so please, don’t worry, I know that God provides.)

My point is that, oftentimes, when we are seeking, we don’t like to be challenged in our beliefs and lash out at anything that causes us to question our own stand.  Or, we boast with pride and think that our “way” is the only way.  We demean others and invalidate their journey towards Truth. On some occasions, friendships and marriages dissolve because of the chasm that emerges when one grows without the other.

If you are seeking Truth and moving towards God, shouldn’t your path be as ‘holy’ as YOU want to be when you reach your destination?

Are you leaving a “wake” in the path of your “enlightenment?”  Are you pushing another further away from God as you try to move forward? If so, seek forgiveness. Try to make “right” the wrong.

My friends, we need to be mindful of where everyone is in THEIR journey.  We need to have compassion and understanding for ALL.  Not just Christians, but EVERYONE.  We need to be respectful.

Bee’s Grandma (Therese) has posted the following throughout MySpace over the past week or so.  I find it to be a fitting “conclusion.”

Christ has no body now on earth but yours,
no hands but yours,
no feet but yours,
yours are the eyes through which Christ’s compassion
is to look out to the earth,
yours are the feet by which He is to go about doing good
and yours are the hands by which He is to bless us now.
St Teresa of Avila

(thank you, Therese)

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