I Don’t Know Who I Am…

I posted this song on my Facebook page yesterday.  I wasn’t sure WHY, but everytime it came on my Pandora, I would stop and listen.

As I listened, I would TRY to figure out why it was meant for me to listen to.  What was it about this song that I was supposed to HEAR?

I won’t lie ~ I didn’t get it.  Sure, it’s a beautiful song, but I was not connecting the dots of the words with my life.

Finally, as I watched the video for the second time, it hit me.  I had been trying to fit the song into my CURRENT ‘relationship’ situation (or lack therof).

This song speaks to my divorce. 

When I started to feel unrest in my marriage, I started to go to therapy.  It didn’t take long for the therapist to explain that I had lost myself.  Just like in the song, I didn’t know WHO I was without him.

“I” was gone…

Four years ago today, we had our marriage blessed in the Catholic church.  My husband at the time had chosen April 26th because it was the day we had met in 1986.

I knew on that day, when our marriage got blessed, that I wasn’t happy, but I didn’t know I wanted a divorce.

It’s all water under the bridge, but I guess my point is…sometimes, we can get so lost in our lives, in our relationships, in our jobs, in anything that we allow to CONSUME us, that we lose site of WHO we are.  And, we have to FIGHT to find ourselves.

We do what we have to do to survive.

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