Angels Among Us

Angels Among UsIs it bad to say that I’m relieved my son is graduating from high school?  There were several occasions where he would struggle with going to school.  It was stressful on all of us, to say the least.  And so, with the ‘normal’ emotions of any high school graduation, I feel relief.

At the beginning of his last semester, he was having one of those times.  After adjusting his schedule to replace an “uninspiring” class with being a ‘student helper’ for the student resources office, he was fine.  In the student resources office he would sometimes help by taking passes to students, but other times he would study.

One of the ladies working in the office took a liking to him.  What’s not to love?  (Hey, I can say that.  I’m the mom!!)  Every time I would go in to her office, she would just beam and tell me how much she loved my son.  I could tell he brought her joy.   Like any mom, that made me happy.

What she didn’t know was what SHE was doing for him.

Having her as a part of his day, someone to take interest, to talk to, to feel love from, brought HIM peace.  I would think it would do the same for most people?

She didn’t just show him love by giving him the time of day, but she also gave him treats and goodies along the way.  She even sent him home with a Valentine’s goody bag for me!!  She went above and beyond.

I don’t know if she gets recognized much, but I’m guessing she is a bit of an unsung hero.  Someone that goes about life, doing kind deeds and loving on people without getting noticed.  She is humble, so I’m sure she prefers that no one notices.

But, I couldn’t help myself.  Afterall, she was loving on my son and she was loving on me, and I’m grateful.  I took her flowers, and she was so humble that I almost thought she wasn’t going to accept them!

I believe that there are unsung heroes everywhere.  In honesty, I like to think of them as angels.  Have you ever stopped to think of the angels in your life?  Those people that quietly love on you and never expect anything in return?

They are there ~ they are ALWAYS there!  Be careful not to take them for granted.

Angels don’t love on you to be thanked (or noticed), but thank them anyway!!

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I wanted to give you a word of comfort and inspiration this morning , but I can’t seem to find many GREAT ones after reading some of your blog writings. I believe that you have gone above and beyond even your own expectations while lovingly preparing your son for this day. Reaching High School graduation day is a huge challenge for so many families and their kids, but in your situation it is such a blessing after all the trials, tears & hurdles that you and your family have faced and won!! Bless you, Brendon and the rest of your family today as you pass through another door of life that is marked “satisfactorily completed!” Hugs… Myrna Goff


oh, Myrna, you made me cry. What lovely words you have written here. Thank you so much. You have REALLY touched my heart and have brought me comfort and inspiration! ((HUGS)) :)


Great write how angels are among us!! Is so very true… Brendon is a very fortunate young man.

You are truly an angel yourself! From the very depths of my heart, I thank you!


Brendon is fortunate indeed, and me too!! (and, i am certainly no angel…you should look in the mirror to see one of those!!) love you!

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