Get off the Pot!

Today is Wednesday.  It is the day of the week that I set aside a few months ago as my ‘writing day.’  Each Wednesday, I go and spend at least 2 hours at the Black Dog Coffee House.  Without a doubt, Wednesday has taken over Friday’s spot of my favorite day of the week.

TODAY, however, ‘mom duty’ trumped “Writing Wednesday.” You see, I just dropped my son off at a ‘testing site’ where he will be taking his first AP exam.

I won’t lie.  I woke up on the pity pot.  (yea, I’m not proud)

Really?  Did they REALLY have to put the test on a Wednesday?  On MY Wednesday?

Then, it happened.  On the way to the test site (a 15 minute drive), I started thinking about my son.  I started thinking about everything he has overcome these past 3 years, and I started to count my blessings.

This is a boy who, his sophomore year in High School, laid, curled up in a ball on his bed in a state of near paralysis.  Not because he had something wrong with him physically per se, but because of the battle that was raging inside of him. This is a boy that overcomes more on the inside than most of us can even fathom.

This is a boy that has Asperger’s, a form of autism.

He is not easy to parent.  He has to feel ‘in control’ at all times.  Sometimes, there can be deviations from the plan, but most of the time, not.  And, though I could complain about how difficult it can be as his mom, I cannot even begin to comprehend his own personal difficulties.

As I dropped him off to take his test, I naturally began to pray.  It is HABIT to pray for him when he is going into an unfamiliar situation (he had never been to the testing site before).  And, though I rarely pray for ‘specific’ things, I prayed that he would find his way to the testing room.  I prayed that his pencils would work.  I prayed that his calculator batteries would hold up. I prayed that he wouldn’t have anxiety.

I prayed that everything would go according to ‘plan.’

I prayed that we would BOTH be at peace, and then I counted my blessings.

My son has come such a LONG way.  Though he frustrates me to the core sometimes, I know he is teaching me patience and perseverance.

And, today, he taught me to get off my pity pot!!

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Awesome blog Gina! Thank you for sharing & God Bless You!


I love how you can see the silver lining even in things that are so very trying. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that B’s plan goes without a hitch today and that you soak up Black Dog goodness when you do get there. Love you.


Our kids have so MUCH to teach us along the way. Is good when we can see/realize that. And you HAVE. I know it isn’t easy and actually very hard at times. So proud of you and B!! Much Love!

I’m glad you aren’t the kind of person who gets comfortable on the pity pot…. *wink wink*

I believe B will continue to amaze you. I think you did a great job with your children and that you have done all you can do to assure they will be responsible adults. <3


Darlene, you are so sweet, thank you!! And thank you for your love and encouragement over these past several years. Amazes me how the internet can bring people together! <3

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