Honking at Leaves in the Highway

So, today is Wednesday, and Wednesday has become my favorite day of the week. Why? (you ask, cuz you’re curious like that) Because it’s my day to write, and I find great joy in writing.

This morning as I’m buzzing along, singing with the music blasting (favorite pastime), I spot a couple of birds playing in the highway.  I’m approaching them quickly, and they aren’t acting like they are going to be smart little birdies and fly away before they get a violent “kiss” by the bumper of my car.

I do what any good-hearted person would do, I beep my horn.  (I drive a Civic, so it’s definitely a ‘beep.’) Only, the birdies don’t move.  Panic ensues until I realize as I get closer that they aren’t birdies at all.  It’s a small branch with a few leaves.

Ooops ~ silly me!!

Though you may not be someone that has honked at leaves in the highway, my guess is that you have over reacted to a situation that you perceived as ‘life-threatening’ (or somewhere along those lines) only to find that you OVER reacted.

Why do we do that?  WHY do we choose ‘drama?’  What would happen if we just slowed down a bit, took a deep breath and PRAYED (prior to ‘reacting’): “What is the Truth of this, Lord?”

What would happen if we chose PEACE over PANIC?

“Where is your FAITH?” is what I hear when I choose panic over peace and, then I promptly follow it up with the Homer Simpson forehead smack, “Doh!”  It seems so obvious, so simple.  Yet, I’m human.

What are you panicking over today?

Choose PEACE!

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We, as humans so tend to panic first. Your story is a classic case of that phrase: False Evidence Appearing Real or FEAR. Good lesson to keep in mind, that what we see isn’t always what actually “IS”. Yes, choose peace, as peace is always there even if it is never seen physycially; our perception is influenced by false or true events, whatever appears to us as Truth, until we “see or feel” something for what it actually is. Your story reminds me of when B and I were out in our car coming up to an intersection. She yelled out to me to watch out for that moose ready to cross the road. I said, “yes, I see it” and slowed up. As we got closer it turned out to me a rock in the ditch and it wasn’t even very big like a moose. The closer we got to it the smaller it seemed to become. Of course it had never changed, but only our perception of it. Just my thoughts… Great lesson to keep in mind, of choosing peace over panic. Thank you! Your words give us lots to think about!


What a great story of the moose ~ did you honk at it?! LOL A great reminder of FEAR too ~ that is really what causes the ‘panic’ isn’t it? And, at the root of FEAR is lack of faith. :0) thx for sharing and for commenting. I always appreciate your perspective! ((hugs))


You wrote this for me today, didn’t you, because you knew exactly what I needed to “hear”. Have I told you lately how much I love you? ((hugs))


You’ve got an amazing guardian angel, you know?! I am so glad that this was what you needed to hear ~ me too! ((i love you too)) MUCH!

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