More than Proud

(a graduation letter to my son…) he won’t get to read this until the 20th, so shhhhh….

11 May 2012

Dear Brendon,

I’m not sure that I know where to begin, but I will do my best.  I know that right now everyone around you is reading a letter, and they are all reading practically the same words.  They are ALL reading how their parents are proud of them. I am proud of you too, but I’m more than proud, and I don’t know that there is a word in the dictionary for “more than proud.”

I know sometimes you feel life may not be as easy for you as it appears to be for others. I know sometimes you get sad because it is more difficult for you to do some of the things others do with ease.  I’m sure you realize this, but never forget:  There are things about YOU that make some aspects in life easier for you than it is for others.

You have a brilliant mind.  You have the ability to quickly process and understand so many things that few can even begin to grasp.  You have a photographic memory.  Not only do you easily recall the things that you SEE, but you easily recall most things that you HEAR too.  I know that I am not the only one that admires your intelligence.

You see things in multi-dimensions.

You dream.

You imagine.

You hypothosize and theorize.

You have a desire to learn and a passion to change the world with your knowledge.

You AMAZE me!

Not only do you amaze me with your brilliance, but you inspire me with your perseverance.  So many people would have given up, Brendon.  So many people would have turned to medication to ‘numb’ themselves.  Not you!  You fought.  You overcame.  You knew that you were smart enough to understand yourself so well that you could learn the best way to COPE and deal with the issues that life put before you.

You’ve learned your strengths and you’ve learned how to work with your “weaknesses.”

I want to be like you when I grow up!!

There will always be challenges to overcome in life.  Take what you’ve learned from your experiences so far and apply it to every hurdle put before you.

Remember that there are people that are smarter than you.  A sign of true intelligence is in recognizing the intelligence of others.  LISTEN to what others have to say before you judge the words coming from their mouth.

Seek the Truth in ALL things!!  (Always ask, “What is the Truth of this?”)

Follow your heart.  I believe God speaks to us thru that ‘gut instinct.’  Listen to it.

Be kind.  Be loving.  Be compassionate towards others.

Open your heart and your mind, and you will see even more dimensions than you see now.

Be at peace with yourself and KNOW you are loved beyond measure.

I am “more than proud” to be your mom!

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Thank you, Betty!! :)


Gina You are a Awesome Mom! You made me cry and think about how lucky you are to have such a Wonderful son. Simply BEAUTIFUL


Alicia ~ Thank you!! You made me cry thinking about YOU crying. Thank you for the example you set! I still remember observing you with Paul years ago. :)


Your CommentsNot sure I can write through the tears, but I love you both so much!!! You for being the understanding and patient mother that you are, and Brendon for “WHO” he is…..such a special young man. So proud of both of you! Love you with all my heart!


I did not know that your son has challenges, but it sounds like he is very, very smart and that you two have a wonderful relationship. You are very blessed to have each other. My son has challenges too and he is a very hard worker. He has a part time job which he has held for 11 years and every day is a struggle but he has perservered. My grand son has Down’s Syndrome and because of that my daughter, who is 51, just graduated from college so that she can become a teacher for kids that have mild to severe learning disabilities. She will be an excellent teacher and advocate for these kids and I know that she will be able to make a difference in their lives. You are a great example of a special mother with a special child. Congratulations are in order for Brendon’s graduation and Happy Mother’s Day!


Jo Ann ~ thank you so much for your love and encouragement and for sharing your experience(s). I’ve been feeling the ‘tug’ (you know the one) to consider becoming an advocate for parents of children with Asperger’s. I’m not sure where it’s going just yet, but the tug is there. Your comment was a bit of a confirmation for me. ((thank you)) Happy Mother’s Day to you too!!


((MOM)) I love you!! Thank you for encouraging me over the year. And, now I am the one not being able to write through the tears…


Your words are very special and heart felt to your son and Im sure he will never forget them. They are Beautiful. You are a special Mom that is why you were blessed with a special son.


Your Comments
Gina, your words are simply wonderful. As a wife & mother of amazing people with ADHD, it warms my heart to hear of others turning the tables on the labels of life and embracing the blessings their unique, ‘out of the box’ perspectives bring to our lives!

thanks for sharing your words with all of us!
Love you


Lisa ~ “turning the tables on the labels” ~ AWESOME!! THANK YOU for your love and encouragement, always! I think we all have a box we are trying to get out of ~ for some, however, it’s a bit more obvious. :) I love you too!! ((miss you))


((Thank you, Tag)) Special mom: Special son LOVE THAT!! (and i think you’re pretty special too) <3


Gina, as I sit here and try to comment, I keep getting overwhelmed with all that you have sacrificed and endured to make sure that both of these boys would have outstanding support. You are also teaching them how to be respectful young men. Its not only the advice you are giving Brendon, (which is INCREDIBLE life advice), but also how you have taught Tanner and our family how to co-exist in Brendon’s world. Not many would understand Aspergers, but you have NAILED it, and because of your patience, support and knowledge, he is going to college. You could’ve easily just thrown in the towel, and most parents would have, but NOT YOU. You inspire me! I love you.


((my Robbie Ann)) i love you!! Thank you for being such a cheerleader to B, Tanner and I!! I am realizing that I HAVE to make a ‘wal-mart’ run before graduation…i keep CRYING!! *sigh* YOU know, that I believe with all my heart that the victory today is Brendon’s. (but i’m learning to be comfortable and let the confetti of celebration fall on my head too!!) <3 THANK YOU!!

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