Can you SEE the Truth?

A few days ago, I was watching a show called “How Do I Look?” on the Style network.  The show takes a person that dresses with poor fashion sense and gives them a fashion makeover (clothing/hair/makeup).  [OK, yes, I AM a girl!  I enjoy these types of shows, as it makes me smile to watch people have their confidence boosted!]

In this particular episode, the woman was deemed “The Purple Lady.”  She wouldn’t wear ANYTHING unless it was purple.  It didn’t matter what it LOOKED like, if it was purple, she wore it!

The lady was asked, “Why purple?” She explained that wearing purple made her happy. (She obviously LOVED the color purple.)

Then, she was asked if she bought purple clothes just because they were purple, or because she thought they were fashionable.  She answered, “Both.”  (Bless her heart ~ she actually believed that was TRUE, although it was obvious to everyone else what the truth was [and, believe me, ‘fashionable’ was not the “truth”].)

Next, they gave the “Purple Lady,” a special pair of glasses to wear and presented 8-10 ‘random’ outfits to her.  The glasses removed color, so when she looked through them, everything was black and white. They asked her to rank the outfits in the order that she liked them.

When she finished ranking the outfits, she took off her glasses.  SHOCK covered her face.  The two outfits that she ranked the LOWEST were her own clothes.  She stood, mystified, “I didn’t even like my own clothes!!!”

You see, without her even realizing it, PURPLE had become this woman’s safety net ~ the ‘stick’ by which she measured her fashion.

Many of us have our own “purple” ~ something that we use as a gauge, but that is preventing us from SEEing the Truth. (nothing wrong with a “guage,” unless it is preventing you from seeing Truth)

I have been meditating on MY own “purple.”  Do I have something that I feel SAFE with, yet it is keeping me from seeing the TRUTH?

Oftentimes, our “purple” is the company we work for. Sometimes, our “purple” is a group of friends that we hang out with.  Sometimes, our “purple” is an organization that we are affiliated with. Sometimes, our “purple” is family.

The following scripture came to mind:
Son of man, thou dwellest in the midst of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house.” [Ezekiel 12:2]

Do YOU have a “purple?” Are you SURE that you can SEE the Truth? I pray you have eyes to see.

(this blog was originally written 9 January 2010)

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