Dance Club the Pet Shop

Last weekend, I went out dancing with a friend.  The last time I remember going to a dance club was with my then husband when we first got married, almost 20 years ago.  It’s not that I don’t love to dance, but that I’ve been married/in a relationship, and, to be honest, it really wasn’t a priority.

Going dancing, for many, is synonymous with trying to meet someone or ‘hook up.’  That wasn’t my goal for the evening.  I just wanted to dance!!

So, I people watched and made a few observations:

1) Maybe it was because we were in a country-type bar and country-type men enjoy fishing, but the men tended to watch the women on the dance floor like they were watching fish in a tank at a pet shop.  Which one puckers her lips just right? Which one shakes her ‘tail fin’ just so?  Which one has the most attractive “coloring?” Which one notices that I’m looking and comes to the side of the ‘glass’ for a closer look?

2) While the men were viewing the women like they were fish, it seemed the women were acting more like puppies.  “Pick me! Pick me! I’m cute!  I’m fluffy and soft!  I’ll lick your face!!”

It felt a bit like we were in a pet shop, yet that high school dance vibe of the girls hanging out in one corner until the boys were brave enough to breach their space was still as obvious NOW as it was THEN.

So, my conclusion is…the more things change, the more they stay the same.  With one exception: NOW, I’m going to a dance club to DANCE,  not to find someone to dance their way into my heart.  (I’ve found it’s a lot more fun that way!)

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