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Ok, this is going to be a bit of a non-Gina type blog, but at the same time a totally Gina blog.  You see, my BFF, Lisa, gifted me with the Kreativ Blogger award.  I don’t think I’m that ‘Kreativ’ of a blogger, but she loves me, and love is sometimes blind.  Thank you, Lisa, for helping me embrace my creativity, and for giving me this award!!

Lisa and I met years ago at an Olathe Chamber networking ‘coffee.’  She had donated a yummy door prize of chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks, and I was the lucky winner.  As former high school debaters, aspiring business women and mommies, we hit it off pretty quick.  She has been with me thru a lot of life changes and, to be honest, I’m not sure what I’d do without her.

Not only is Lisa a wonderful friend, she is also an amazing writer.  Check her out at BackToAllen.com!

Ok, so, according to the Kreativ Blogger Award rules, this is what I need to do:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated me and provide a link back to their blog. [check]
  2. Share 10 things about myself that bloggers might find interesting. (I’m pretty sure I’m more weird than interesting, but I’ll play!)
  3. Nominate 6 other bloggers to receive the award and inform them.  (I don’t read very many blogs, so I’ll nominate the few that I can think of.)

Here goes…

10 interesting things [aka as 'the weirdness of gina']

  1. I am often moved to the point of tears when I feel someone has reached deep within to express themselves.   It can be almost any expression of creativity, whether it is writing, music, art in any medium, dance, or even things that might creep me out.
  2. I get in trouble by my son because I sing while wearing my headphones (evidently, I’m loud and obnoxious).  I appreciate most kinds of music, depending on my mood and where I am in my life.
  3. I am majorly intrigued by psychology and philosophy. I enjoy trying to figure out what makes people tick.  Why do people do what they do?  Why they believe what they believe. How they came to believe what they believe.  Why do they behave certain ways?  It feels like a puzzle to me and I enjoy putting together the pieces.
  4. I have always wanted to be tall.  My dad was one of 17 children (many are no longer living).   The shortest of his siblings is taller than I am.  Though I loved it when both of my boys outgrew me, at 5’5.5” (5’6” on a good day ~ ask my chiropractor!), I am the shortest of my mom’s four kiddos (but I’m taller than my mom).
  5. I aspire to be in constant communication with God and am anticipating the day when He will ask (more like TELL) me to shut up.  On that note, I can say the Lord’s prayer in Aramaic (though I’ve been told it doesn’t really sound like Aramaic! LOL).
  6. My mom drove me to kindergarten in a huge red truck.  (That’s it in the picture to the right.) It was our only means of transportation at the time.   I loved it: You can see a LOT from a huge red truck!
  7. I had to sit on the ‘naughty bench’ in kindergarten because I was talking.  The teacher didn’t realize until later that I was talking because I was trying to teach one of my classmates, Dora, how to tie her shoe.  I do not like getting/being in trouble!
  8. I rode my step-dad’s mule when I was 6ish.  He worked at a feed lot, and I had been riding pens with him.  We were done and on our way back to the barn when he slid off the back and let me ride her on in.  Her name was Molly.
  9. I once shot a frog while trying to learn how to aim a rifle.  Though I enjoy shooting guns, it makes me sad that I killed something. (In my defense, I really didn’t think I’d hit it!)
  10. I’m a bit of a risk taker by nature.  I have found that possibly the biggest risk we can take in life is that of opening our heart to another. My favorite ‘hobby’ is loving on people.


Now, to nominate the other blogs.  I used to have a bunch of friends that blogged over on MySpace and read TONS.  I left MS long ago.  Though I’ve reconnected with many of these friends on Facebook, that I know of, few of them still blog.  If you are reading this, have a blog and feel left out, contact me and I’ll happily add you to my list and tag you!!

  1. Michelle over at TheTornEdge.com.  I met Michelle about the same time as Lisa.  She is a bundle of enthusiasm, energy and she inspires me to embrace all that is ME.  I love this girl and hope you will too!!
  2. Darlene is a friend that I met on MySpace probably 4 ½ years ago.  I don’t do a very good job at keeping up with her blogs, but I do try to at least keep up with her on Facebook.   She is bold, funny and passionate.  Darlene loved me thru my divorce and provided encouragement in more ways than she knows.  She is retired and blogs for fun. Click here to check her out!!
  3. I’ve known Tori since she was a very little girl.  Her sister was in my class from elementary school through graduation from High School.  Tori just shared with me that she has a blog for her cake decorating and WOW!  I’m suddenly such a proud “big sister.”  She has some amazing decorations AND her cakes look divine!  Click to view Tori’s cakes here.
  4. My good friend, Keith, is a pastor at First United Methodist Church in Freeport, Texas.  I met Keith on MySpace.  His Christian-based blogs are always practical, easy to read and inspiring.  If Keith was currently blogging, I’d post a link here.
  5. My sweet and lovely friend Donna is from down under (literally).  I met her on MySpace too.  She isn’t currently blogging, but writes beautiful poetry.  Very inspiring.
  6. My friend, Ken is also a blogger I met on MySpace.  He is now a published writer!  I’m listing him here because I always enjoyed reading his writes. Ok, well, since I’m not linking to these people, I have to add Eric.  His poetic writings are deep and intense.  He still writes, but posts on Facebook. Oh, goodness, now my brain is thinking of Patti, MIKE and Cynthia, Steve and Tina, Aeloi and JcManual and Debra and Julie and Dreams and Howie and Shabdahbria and Nichole and, and, and…  I miss my MySpace blogging friend’s writing!!

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Cool and interesting things about you! I think it would have been good for me to have an old truck like that to take Laurie to school in. She was embarrassed when our old car wasn’t as good as her friends’ cars, so she would have me drop her off a few blocks from the school. That is “neat” old truck. i would have been proud to drive Laurie to school in it.

I too miss the MySpace blogging, although it did cause me a bit of anxiety waiting to see what folks thought and it was fun, especially the funny ones, I loved those! (with pics) Those were the good old days; seems funny, as time goes by we remember more and more times as “good old days”.

Congrats to you for receiving the Kreativ Blogger award from Lisa!! You’re very deserving!

Oh, that poor frog, although I’ve seen you shoot (Bass Pro Shop?) You done good. Think I have a pic of you shooting.

Although this write is different, it is very good!


That’s cute about Laurie. I was never embarassed by what mom drove me to school in, but she only had to drive me for a bit when I was in kindergarden. We lived on the outskirts of town and the school was too far away to walk (that’s when we lived in Sublette).
I forgot about bass pro!! I kicked some major tush a few months ago playing laser tag with Tanner and his friends too!! (top shooter! woop) LOL
You should write up 10 interesting things for fun… :)

That was 10 things I didn’t know about you. I love that red truck! Cool!

Thank you so much for the sweet things you said about me. I feel speshul…LOL And Thank You for the Kreativ Blogger award.


you feel speshul, cuz you is!! ;) ((love you))

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