Stop and Drink the Coffee

I’m not going to lie.  I’ve fallen in love with this little coffee shop where I write.  The atmosphere is laid back, the people are interesting to watch and the staff is always nice.  Additionally, it is locally owned, which is a bonus.

I’ve noticed as time has gone by that I’ve come to like my ‘coffee shop time’ so much that I will sometimes go on the weekend or stop by if I’m close.  I typically have my laptop with me so I write or work or sometimes I meet someone for a meeting or just conversation.

I prefer to sit in this big, old over-stuffed, over-sized chair in the back corner, but today I’m not sitting in my normal spot.  The view is different, so I’ve started to look around a bit. (I typically put in my earbuds and “plug in” to the computer, closing out much of what is going on around me.)

There are all kinds of people here.  Some are reading, some are doing home work, others are working.  It’s those that are just hanging out that have drawn my attention this morning.  They are taking time to “stop and drink the coffee” (aka ‘stop and smell the roses’)

In our busy lives, so few of us take the time to STOP and embrace life.  We go. We go, and we go more. Yep, guilty as charged.

How do we build relationships when we GO all of the time?  How can we BE Christ (be like Jesus) in the lives of others if we’re always working or if our face is always in a computer?

We are called to be the Body of Christ, yet so many of us are so busy that we can’t even keep up with being our own ‘body’ (person). I understand being busy, but so much of it is done so that we can AVOID people and relationships.

Slow down!  Stop and drink the coffee!  Invest your time in others.  Work will always be there, busy-ness will always be paramount, but the opportunity to spend time with some people will pass.

Sometimes, the only “Christ” another will know could be YOU.

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/// Sometimes, the only “Christ” another will know ~ could be YOU.” ///

“…in your eyes

I see the doorway to a thousand churches

in your eyes

the resolution of all the fruitless searches.”

What IS ~ “the pearl of great price”?

~ Peace ~



This brings to mind (letting our light shine). And letting it shine full force to leave no question as to the validity of “being Christ”. Your blog is wonderful to think about. We get caught up in being “busy for ourselves” and our light becomes dim, so Indeed we need to stop and drink the coffee. Just my take on your words. They hit home. Practice, practice, practice…Thank You!

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