FreestyleI was sitting at the swimming pool the other day observing several kiddos as they played.  Suddenly, I noticed that they were getting out of the water and taking turns jumping in.  Eventually, one little girl yells across the pool to her mom, “Was my jump better than Rebecca’s?”

The mom explained that she hadn’t seen and that they would need to jump again.  So, Rebecca steps off the edge of the pool into the water then the other little girl does a pencil dive.  They excitedly ask the mom which splash was smallest and the mom explained, “Well, it’s not really fair because you two didn’t do the same kind of jump into the pool.  If you want me to judge, you both have to jump in the same.  How about you both do a pencil dive?”

The joy left their faces for a moment as they realized they had just been given restrictions, but they quickly lined up at the side of the pool to jump in.  With each jump competition round, they became more and more serious.  After about three different types of jumps,one of the kiddos exclaimed, “FREESTYLE!!”

Oh. My. Goodness!  You would think someone yelled ice cream or something.  Their faces lit back up and it seemed as if they had suddenly returned to being little children.

What occurred to me as I observed, was that their joy returned when they could return to being THEMSELVES. As soon as they started getting rules and guidelines to ‘conform’ their joy slowly left them and the game had lost its fun appeal.

We were all created in the image and likeness of God [Genesis 1:27].  We were all created as INDIVIDUALS.  We each have our own personalities and our own physical appearance.  Things we are good at and things we aren’t.

Regardless of the type of person you are, TRUE happiness and JOY is found when you embrace WHO you are.  BE the person God intended you to be, for you are fearfully and wonderfully made [Psalm 139:14].


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Being ourselves is the “only” self we have. As you’ve stated we are the children of God mad in his image and likeness. As a child we each express innocence and freedom naturally. Putting rules and limitations on another sure does cramp us into trying something we aren’t accustomed to and therefore fear enters in. Certainly nothing wrong with competition but I think we also need to realize that expressing ourselves needs to be done in the atmosphere of Love, letting God be our teacher, our guide, and trusting in Him.

Each of us has within ourselves to BE as a child and express our individual talents without the “need” to think we are better than another. Man made rules, limitations, and “worldly thinking” tend create jealousy, fear of not doing our best, and generally losing our trust in God. We can “all” look and feel as free as the boy jumping into the water knowing we “are expressing” our best with no limitations.

Good, good blog! Love it!

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