This Time’s a Charm

It’s been four months since my last relationship. Unfortunately, I got my heart broken.  It wasn’t fun and it certainly wasn’t pretty, but it happens.

As I finally feel ready to move on and open myself up again, I found myself thinking, maybe THIS time is going to be the charm. Then I realized, EVERY time is a “charm” (blessing/treasure).  Every time may not have a happy ending, but every time has value of some kind. A lesson; an experience, an opportunity to grow.

I was with my last ‘charm’ several weeks ago and he asked me, “Will I always be the guy that broke your heart?”  At the time, I felt pretty positive that he would be.  Not to sound harsh, or bitter, but I was still hurting. Since then, I have found myself reflecting and giving thanks for him, our time together and even the broken heart.

You see, he was the first real dating experience since my divorce. Yea, I had been involved with someone else before him, but it was a long-distance relationship and often lacked the things that really made it feel real. I went into this last relationship cautiously, trying to keep myself from falling for him.  I could sense that he wasn’t fully opening himself to me, but he was opening himself enough that I fell and fell hard.

After we broke up, I waited for about a month then tried to date again.  My efforts failed: I wasn’t ready.  So, I threw myself back into my writing, back into building relationships with friends, back into my family and back into my spirituality. I kept busy finding more of the ‘self’ that I had lost while I was married and I came to realize that my heart wasn’t truly ready for that relationship in the first place.

I hope I am ready for that kind of relationship now (minus the heartbreak, of course), but, regardless of what happens next, heart break or love found, I believe EVERY time is a “charm.”  Every time has a lesson to learn.  Every time has something that it teaches about ourselves and others.

Bring on the charm!

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Amen!! I love that you’re seeing the rainbow through the rain. Just remember what a ‘charm’ you are to those you’ve helped on their path to wherever they’re going.


It hasn’t been easy, as you know. Thank you for your friendship and for helping me through the process. Thank you for inspiring me to give thanks and see the charm. (and for trying, albeit most times in vain, to get me to see/understand my own ‘charm’) ((love you))


God bless you Gina! I know that God has someone very special for you. I am sorry you had your heart broken again. Just trust that the Lord will send that special someone to you when HE is ready. Love & Prayers to you!


Awe, thank you Momma Betty!! I have no doubt there is a ‘charm’ to beat all charms for me. (I am just so impatient sometimees! LOL) Thank you for the love and prayers!! ;) ((love you))


I agree with Lisa, you’re a charm to “all” who meet you (a little or a lot)! And you have a heart of gold that I know breaks at times and seems as if may not mend as you “give” your all, in all that you do. But your heart is full of Love, never to be smothered, but tried and strengthened through every relationship. My love goes out to you (one of my very best friends)!! You GO Girl!!


you’re very sweet, Steve, thank you!! Not sure what I would do without friends like you and Lisa being so supportive over the years. you know how it looks ‘behind the scenes’ but you’re still standing by my side. i’m blessed! ((thank you ~ love you))

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