My youngest son plays basketball. (and he’s good at it, but that’s beside the point)  One evening he explained that he didn’t like playing or scrimmaging the teams that weren’t very good, or weren’t as experienced.   He told me, “It’s not a challenge, and we don’t improve as a team without a challenge.”

Wise boy!

I got to thinking about what he said and immediately saw how that related to life.

So often we complain when life gets rough or when we’ve been thrown some type of ‘curve ball.’  The truth is, as bad as things can get sometimes, without these experiences, our lives would be stagnant (and probably quite boring).  Maybe that’s ok for some, but, I rather prefer the opportunities to grow.

With opportunities to grow come opportunities to have faith, to TRUST in God’s will for you and your life.  Faith often comes a bit more easily and naturally to us when our lives are without hardships.

Like my son explained, without the challenge, you don’t improve.

So many people seem to think that when their lives are without trouble, they are “winning.”  I suppose it all boils down to how one defines ‘winning’ but to me, when we are learning, growing and exercising our faith, that is when we are truly WINNING! (this isn’t to say that sometimes I don’t wish to quit ‘winning’ so much…lol)

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