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Yesterday was Halloween. I have always loved the fun of dressing up.  I have to be honest about my sweet tooth and confess that I may LOVE the CANDY just as much as the costumes, especially banana laffy taffy.

My grandmother used to count the number of kiddos each Halloween and give the report.  I’ve never counted, but I do try to take the time to appreciate the costumes, the kids and the experience.

At one point last night, a little girl about the age of 6 was standing on my porch with a little boy approximately the same age.  As I bent down to allow her to pick some candy, she dug in her hand and grabbed a handful.  (My typical offering is to allow the kids to pick 2 or 3 of whatever they like, though sometimes I make exceptions.)  As I began to crack up at the girls hand grab, I noticed the boy would selectively chose ONE.

Then, she went back not once, but two more times.  All while the boy selectively chose one more single piece.  She then turned around to leave, got to the edge of the porch, did an about face and came back saying, “One more!!” then dug out another handful.

I want to be like the little girl.  She seizes the opportunities and goes back for more.  She is fearless and unencumbered.  She lives the moment to the fullest.  She isn’t afraid to go another step forward.  Her heart is innocent and full of JOY!

It is my belief that God intends for all of his children to be like the little girl.  Fearless and embracing His blessings.

Go for it!  Take one more!!

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Great thoughts! We do need to be fearless and embrace God’s blessings, through faith and conviction by (reaching back in for another handful)! Sometimes we may grab something that doesn’t go the way we would have hoped for, but “never” give up reaching right back in after learning from the previous handful (experience) that there is a huge blessing in each one we take.

I have a friend that is very dear to my heart that actually “does” reach back in and gains in understanding and gets closer to perfection in each handful she experiences. I think you may know her.

Halloween is a wonderful part of my past. Thank you for bringing back such good memories!!

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