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The Price of “Enlightenment”

NOTE: The word “enlightenment” is being used here, as this blog was inspired by a comment made in which the person used the word “enlightenment.” There are many forms of “enlightenment” ~ As I am a Christian, I am talking about Spiritual, Godly “Enlightenment” as opposed to PERSONAL/SELF “Enlightenment” (thank you, Patty & Rev. Spotter) […]

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Mirror ~ Mirror

I have been observing for the past several years how people “judge” others.  I’ve noticed that oftentimes, though not ALWAYS, those that are needing forgiveness the most encourage others to forgive;  those who cry “hypocrite” the most are the most hypocritical;  those that beg for mercy can often be the most merciless. I’m not saying […]

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Virus Protection

(this is a bit of a “sister blog” to the one i posted yesterday. purely unintentional.  I apologize for not having something different.) This morning when I went to my son’s room, I noticed a McAfee popup.  As many of you know, McAfee is a virus protection software.  I’m a Norton 360 gal myself, which […]

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Stand in the “Water”

A child playing in the water either stands in the “background” and enjoys the spray, or he gets as close to the “source” as he can. Today marks the beginning of lent.  For some, it is nothing “special.”  It is special to me, though that doesn’t make ME special.  LOL The “goal” is to fast […]

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“Man does not live on bread alone”

First of all, I should say that this is going to be a  ‘different’ kind of blog for me; however, I do pray that you can follow it and will get something from it. At Mass tonight, we were reading the “infamous” story in the Gospel of Matthew about the “feeding of thousands” with “five […]

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As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Mother Teresa.  Though I will confess that I didn’t pay much attention to her ministry as I was growing up, any time I heard her mentioned, the word “righteous” would always come to my mind. Her good works won her the Nobel Peace Prize, but […]

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Walking in the Footprints of Our Lord

There are a lot of blogs that do a wonderful job explaining lent, what it’s about, where it came from, etc.  I tend not to get too technical, so if you have a lenten blog that you would like to share, you are invited to comment on this blog with an invitation to readers. You […]

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Let’s Get Down to Some Serious Holy Business!

I need to switch gears for a bit because we are embarking upon, in my humble opinion, the most important season in Christianity, which is Lent.  As such, I would not be much of a servant of the Lord if I did not call attention to it. Today is the proverbial “Fat Tuesday”.  It is […]

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We are All a Part of ONE Body

I have been blogging on the Body of Christ. First, I started out defining the Body of Christ. (Click here for that blog.) Then I shared a personal story of how the Lord humbled my thinking on this subject. (Click here for that blog.) Finally, I want to talk about unity in the body of […]

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Get Your Foot out of His Mouth!

This Sunday, Christian Churches around the world will be celebrating “Epiphany” or the manifestation of Christ to the world.  Although the epiphany is refers mostly to the physical body of Christ (it commemorates when the Magi made it to the stable to see Jesus) I want to invite you to meditate and give thought to […]

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