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Looking Ahead — A Windshield or a Rearview Mirror?

As we move into the new year, let’s think about using our past as a road map to our future. How often do we use our past as an excuse for our current behaviour? Let’s use a simple example. Let’s say we got on a horse and the horse bucked us off. OK – learning experience. Horses […]

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God isn’t Finished with ANY of Us Yet

Today is the last day for 2007.  This will date me, but I still remember listening to the Prince song “Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like it’s 1999″ and thinking to myself, “Am I even gonna be ALIVE that long from now?”  Now we are officially closer to 2010 than we are 2000 and that just […]

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As We Celebrate His Birth

I have recently read a blog from a friend that really got me to thinking a little deeper about the birth of Christ. He came to us as a baby.  He could have come as anything.  He could have come as the “king” that the Jews thought He would–He could have come adorned in gold […]

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What is Truth?

Several years ago, I was faced with a dilemma.  God had brought me to a place where He wanted me to answer a question: “Is this of God or of man?”  It wasn’t that I had never answered this question before.  Life is full of circumstances where we find ourselves in a place that we […]

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The Baggage that the Airport Will NEVER Lose

Yesterday marked the beginning of the third week of Advent. With each passing day, our awareness of His coming to us is heightened.We are praying, hoping and longing for Him to be a part of our everyday lives. I keep pondering – am I making room for Him? There have been many exchanges between friends […]

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Simple Unity of the Heart

I don’t think I would be the first one to tell you that Christians should be united with each other.  I am talking on a bigger scale than individuals.  I’m talking all of the Christian denominations, as a whole. Today, Christians are like a family that refuses to come together for the holidays.  When you realize […]

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Must be Teen Spirit…

Being the mom of a teenager is quite a bit different than any mothering I have experienced thus far.  Of course, I can only speak of my own teenager, so don’t take this as a “blanket statement” about teenagers. I don’t know if it is the times we are living in, the personality of my […]

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