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One More!!

Yesterday was Halloween. I have always loved the fun of dressing up.  I have to be honest about my sweet tooth and confess that I may LOVE the CANDY just as much as the costumes, especially banana laffy taffy. My grandmother used to count the number of kiddos each Halloween and give the report.  I’ve never […]

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My youngest son plays basketball. (and he’s good at it, but that’s beside the point)  One evening he explained that he didn’t like playing or scrimmaging the teams that weren’t very good, or weren’t as experienced.   He told me, “It’s not a challenge, and we don’t improve as a team without a challenge.” Wise boy! I […]

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My Coveted Normal

It was just a little over 3 years ago.   I had had my annual mammogram the previous week, and they had seen something they didn’t like.  I was on my way to get a diagnostic mammogram and sonogram. I wasn’t too alarmed, as I have had several call backs since I was 37. As I was driving […]

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White Knuckled

I had a day yesterday.  Yea, I know, most of us had a day yesterday, but I had one of THOSE days. I will confess, I can be a bit of a pile-it.  Hey, it’s my filing system until I take the time to actually FILE things. I’ve been waiting on another developer to provide information so […]

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I was sitting at the swimming pool the other day observing several kiddos as they played.  Suddenly, I noticed that they were getting out of the water and taking turns jumping in.  Eventually, one little girl yells across the pool to her mom, “Was my jump better than Rebecca’s?” The mom explained that she hadn’t seen […]

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God’s Match

This might be a bit of a ‘soapbox’ blog… As many of you know, I have been divorced for nearly 3 years.  Last winter, I joined to “kick start” the dating process.  I met a lot of men and, overall, I would say the experience was positive.  I’ve also dabbled in eHarmony a bit, but am not […]

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The Tale of the Chicken Nugget Disaster Revisited

The other night, as I was requesting my family to make their way to the supper table, things took quite an unexpected turn. Enter Mr. PB&J (whom I have mentioned before, and is 13, by the way). He complains: “SEE! I told you that you make the same thing every night. ALWAYS meat, ALWAYS a […]

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Spiritual Anorexia

A few weeks ago, I posted a new profile picture on Facebook.  Shortly after posting, a dear friend who I consider a second mom wrote and told me that I looked anorexic in the picture.  I understood her point: In the picture, my hair is pulled back, and I’m wearing shades.  Perhaps my face does look a […]

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Can you SEE the Truth?

A few days ago, I was watching a show called “How Do I Look?” on the Style network.  The show takes a person that dresses with poor fashion sense and gives them a fashion makeover (clothing/hair/makeup).  [OK, yes, I AM a girl!  I enjoy these types of shows, as it makes me smile to watch […]

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Stop and Drink the Coffee

I’m not going to lie.  I’ve fallen in love with this little coffee shop where I write.  The atmosphere is laid back, the people are interesting to watch and the staff is always nice.  Additionally, it is locally owned, which is a bonus. I’ve noticed as time has gone by that I’ve come to like my ‘coffee shop […]

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