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Honking at Leaves in the Highway

So, today is Wednesday, and Wednesday has become my favorite day of the week. Why? (you ask, cuz you’re curious like that) Because it’s my day to write, and I find great joy in writing. This morning as I’m buzzing along, singing with the music blasting (favorite pastime), I spot a couple of birds playing […]

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What is Your Sentence?

I am not much into keeping up with the ongoings around the world, but I do watch CNN in the mornings while I run on the treadmill.  I know, CNN isn’t a ‘favorite’ among many, but I like it because I can read the tickers across the bottom of the screen, watch the commentary and […]

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Erasing Holes in the Paper

When my youngest son was in elementary school, he had a “tendency” to erase holes in his school papers.  WHY?  You ask.  Well, because he is a perfectionist.  (not sure WHERE that comes from [cough]) It got so bad when he was in the first grade that he spent some time in “counseling.” He improved […]

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Get off the Pot!

Today is Wednesday.  It is the day of the week that I set aside a few months ago as my ‘writing day.’  Each Wednesday, I go and spend at least 2 hours at the Black Dog Coffee House.  Without a doubt, Wednesday has taken over Friday’s spot of my favorite day of the week. TODAY, […]

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What Cup?

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel completely OVERWHELMED by the Love of God expressed thru your many blessings? Maybe that sounds a bit Pollyannaish to some of you, but I am having one of those days.  I would list out what I’m feeling blessed by right now, but I know […]

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Where are Your Accusers?

I have to admit: I like ice cream.  I like ice cream a lot actually.  In truth, as of late I’ve been preferring vanilla frozen yogurt with fresh raspberries, but that’s beside the point. My oldest son loves ice cream too.  In fact, he may love it more than I do.  When I buy ice […]

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Hear me Out

As many of you know, my oldest son is graduating from high school and will be starting college soon. With college comes the admissions process, class enrollment,  fees and fees and MORE fees! He didn’t make his final college selection until a few weeks ago, so now I’m in a bit of a “catch up” mode, trying to take care […]

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Welcome to my new blog!  Blogging is not something new to me, but this blog certainly is.  I started writing blogs in October of 2007.  I wrote primarily religion and philosophy type blogs that I posted on MySpace.  It was fun and I met a lot of people that I still consider dear friends (and some […]

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The Price of “Enlightenment”

NOTE: The word “enlightenment” is being used here, as this blog was inspired by a comment made in which the person used the word “enlightenment.” There are many forms of “enlightenment” ~ As I am a Christian, I am talking about Spiritual, Godly “Enlightenment” as opposed to PERSONAL/SELF “Enlightenment” (thank you, Patty & Rev. Spotter) […]

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Driving in the Turn Lane

I was out for my daily walk when I noticed a car driving down the road in the turn lane.  Eventually, the car turned, but it struck me as odd how the guy had driven in the turn lane so prematurely.  (There was absolutely no traffic, yet he drove for several blocks down the turn […]

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