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~ Let it Be ~

I’m not typically an American Idol fan, but for some reason this season I have been watching a bit more than usual.  When one of the contestants are sent home, they are given the opportunity to sing “one last song.”  (I was shocked to hear the girl’s name spoken, as she had really been doing […]

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Open Says Me

Years ago, I listened on the phone as my friend explained something like this: “I was just on the elevator at the Dr.’s building.  I walked in, pushed the button and waited.  The lighted button went off as the elevator dinged.  I waited for the doors to open, but nothing happened.  Finally, I pushed the […]

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Mirror ~ Mirror

I have been observing for the past several years how people “judge” others.  I’ve noticed that oftentimes, though not ALWAYS, those that are needing forgiveness the most encourage others to forgive;  those who cry “hypocrite” the most are the most hypocritical;  those that beg for mercy can often be the most merciless. I’m not saying […]

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“Mayhem and Foolishness”

OK, confession time.  I love the show Clean House on the Style Network.  For those of you who don’t know the show, it is about people who fill their life with CLUTTER.  Their houses look like, well…a junk yard.  The point of the show is for the “Clean House” team to come in, help the […]

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Virus Protection

(this is a bit of a “sister blog” to the one i posted yesterday. purely unintentional.  I apologize for not having something different.) This morning when I went to my son’s room, I noticed a McAfee popup.  As many of you know, McAfee is a virus protection software.  I’m a Norton 360 gal myself, which […]

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Stand in the “Water”

A child playing in the water either stands in the “background” and enjoys the spray, or he gets as close to the “source” as he can. Today marks the beginning of lent.  For some, it is nothing “special.”  It is special to me, though that doesn’t make ME special.  LOL The “goal” is to fast […]

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Who’s Your Turtle?

A few weeks ago, my oldest son and I were talking about the books that he is reading in English class. Specifically, we started talking about The Grapes of Wrath.  I was very honest with him and explained that I was not a John Steinbeck fan. (sorry to you that are)  My son was offended […]

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We See Them as “Broken”

While reading through some of the statuses of my friends on Facebook, I came across this one: My wish for 2010 is that people will understand that children with disabilities do not have a disease; children with disabilities are not looking for a cure but ACCEPTANCE. It was posted by a long-time friend that was […]

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~BeLoved~ Thank you that you help me REACH… UP ~ that I might TOUCH the Hand of God WITHIN ~ so that I might FEEL His Glory OUT ~ so that I might REFLECT His Mercy BEYOND ~ so that I might PERSEVERE ALL ~ that I might remember His PEACE that IS within… .: […]

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In the name of “Love” ~ in the SPIRIT of “hate”

Q: In what Spirit do you “correct” others? OK, so many of you know that I am a mom.  In a few weeks, my youngest will be a teenager, making me a mom of two teen-age boys (please help me!) I have always taken my role as a parent very seriously.  It started before I […]

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