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Carrots or Candy Bars?

Today as I walked through the kitchen I noticed a few strange-looking objects laying on the floor.  BABY CARROTS!  CARROTS?  Yes, right there in the middle of the floor. As many of you know, I have two boys.  One that likes to eat “healthy” and one that doesn’t.  So, guess who got blamed for the […]

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Let every beat of your heart be: A supplication for those that are lost; A calling forth for those that are in darkness; A comfort for those that are hurting; A pool for those who are thirsty; Warmth for those who are cold. ~ NOW ~ IS the time to RISE!

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“Botox” Christians

I don’t know if any of you have seen the (kinda) new Oreo “cakesters”. They are an Oreo but the chocolate cookie part is chocolate cake (hence, “cakester”). They’ve been in the market for awhile, but, as I often do, I had not bought any (lead me NOT into “temptation”) until about a month ago. […]

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Lessons Learned by the STEPS

Sometime as a teenager (forgive me for not remembering exactly when) my parents decided that they had a “problem with alcohol”  and started attending AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings.  It wasn’t long until my dad started attending NA too, and then, of course, “the kids” (that’d be my sisters and I) needed to join in.  (For […]

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I have vivid memories of the grade school play ground. Four square. Kick ball. Playing “catch and kiss” with the boys. (sssshhhhhh….) Hanging out with my friends. I remember looking across the play ground one day at my “best friend” talking to another girl, only to find out later that they were saying bad things […]

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I Thirst

You tempt me to believe that I am worthless, Telling me that I am not capable of doing good, As you lure me into the pit of darkness. You persuade me to believe that I will find my home there. I know that you are a liar. Reaching up to the light in the darkness […]

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It is a Choice

I don’t think it’s “news” to anyone reading this that there  is a LOT going on in the world these days.  Famine, disease, natural disasters, stock market crashes. You name it, we seem to be living IN it. As I think about all of this, I have come to understand that  oftentimes, we cannot control […]

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Turn Over the Rocks

Many years ago, looking out of the window of my living room, I spotted my boys and the two neighbor boys turning over the concrete “pavers” that had been carefully arranged in a circle around the base of the tree.  I gasped, knowing the care and time my husband had taken to stack/arrange those pavers.  […]

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I Wanna be a “Rock Star”

My oldest son turned fourteen last week. His ‘gift’ was the video game “Rock Band”. The game came complete with a “guitar,” a “drum set” and a “microphone” and is, to me, a ‘glorified’ karaoke-type game. Although I am NOT a karaoke fan, (except if my little sister is singing) I will confess — I […]

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“Man does not live on bread alone”

First of all, I should say that this is going to be a  ‘different’ kind of blog for me; however, I do pray that you can follow it and will get something from it. At Mass tonight, we were reading the “infamous” story in the Gospel of Matthew about the “feeding of thousands” with “five […]

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