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Give Him the ’Pencil’

It seems to me that it was about the fourth grade when I  started to notice the different writing ‘styles’ of my friends. One friend, Paula, made THE coolest “e.. It looked like it started out as a “c”, then she drew a straight line from the top-right corner to the base of the curve. […]

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Follow the “Leader”

This morning during my walk, I spotted a momma killdeer and her baby sharing the trail.  I could hear the momma continually calling out to her baby as the baby followed. Finally, the trail split.   Momma killdeer went straight and crossed the road, while the baby took a right.  Noticing the baby had gone astray, […]

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Where’s Your Nose?!

I have a small business where I am, by design, the sole employee.  As such, I am ‘in charge’ of everything, including marketing.  (I’m also in charge of hiring/firing, but every time I ‘fire’ myself I keep coming BACK!) ANYway, I don’t know how many of you know anything about marketing, but it’s not just about […]

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As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Mother Teresa.  Though I will confess that I didn’t pay much attention to her ministry as I was growing up, any time I heard her mentioned, the word “righteous” would always come to my mind. Her good works won her the Nobel Peace Prize, but […]

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~ Arrive ~

My heart cries out; I FEEL abandoned and lost. I know You are with me, but I cannot FEEL You. Oh, if only to FEEL Your touch. I cry in despair, Knowing that in this perceived “hell,” You WILL rescue me. Yet, in my distress, I continue to mourn the “chains” that bind. .: Birthing Pangs :. As I […]

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Humble Yourself

Several weeks ago, as my oldest son and I drove down the road, he noticed a pickup perched atop a hill beside the road. (It was for sale.) “That’s a stupid place to put that pickup!” he exclaimed, going on to tell me how a strong wind would come up, nudging the pickup down the […]

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ONE “Light”

One of my favorite times of the year when I was a child was when I would go with my grandparents to Canton Lake, Oklahoma.  It was the only place I would see fireflies, and I remember being in awe of them. What is UP with a bug that has a light in its butt anyway?!  […]

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Calming the “Storm”

I still remember the first time I saw “The Wizard of Oz.” Although I’m not sure how old I was, I remember being at a drive-in theater, hiding in the floor board of the back seat. (I don’t think I actually saw much of the movie.) Perhaps “The Wizard of Oz” isn’t real to MANY of you, […]

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Empty Me

Let it be that when others see “me,” All they see is YOU. Let it be that “I” no longer exist. That “my” heart becomes YOUR heart. “My” hands, YOUR hands. “My” feet, YOUR feet. “My” spirit, YOURS. Let “my” will BE YOUR Will. Empty me.

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Diamond in the Rough

I used to write a lot of poetry when I was younger.  Mostly when I was a teenager.  It was a great way to express my heart and work through the emotions that I tucked, deep within myself.  The last poem I wrote was my Freshman year in college.  I think that was when, perhaps, […]

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