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As I have shared in the past, my youngest son plays the cello.  This is his first year.  He loves playing it, but refuses to practice.  He complained last week that his teacher is teaching too fast, and turned a deaf ear as I explained that the pace wouldn’t “feel” so fast if he would […]

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The Tale of the Chicken Nugget Disaster

The other night, as I was requesting my family to make their way to the supper table, things took quite an unexpected turn. Enter Mr. PB&J (whom I have mentioned before, and is 13, by the way). He complains: “SEE! I told you that you make the same thing every night. ALWAYS meat, ALWAYS a […]

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Sacrifices Made

It was sixteen years ago on March 1.  My little sister was trying to go into labor.  She was 16.  I was living across the state of Kansas, 400 miles away.  She wanted me to be with her.  She is 8 ½ years younger than I am, and often saw me as a “mother”.  How […]

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What are You Sowing?

My older sister has a very green thumb. She loves gardens and plants. With consummate care, she tends the garden, removing the weeds, watering just the right amount, feeding exactly the right nutrients. My thumb is not so green. Oh, I love plants, flowers and such, but this is one area where my patience wears […]

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Let Me Take the Speck out of Your Eye

Let’s consider for the purpose of this blog that the word “diet” is defined as restricting oneself from something, could be anything. That being said, have you ever noticed that when you are on a “diet”, you tend to notice more what other people are “eating”? Maybe it’s just me? (oh I pray it isn’t […]

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Don’t Give Me Your Lip Service!

Several years ago, my family sat down at a meal and proceeded to thank God for our food. “God is gracious, God is good…blah blah blah…” Suddenly, it hit me: We had used this prayer so that the boys could learn to pray with us, but the meaning of the prayer had disappeared when it […]

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Balancing your Servant’s Heart

As many of you know, a couple of weeks ago, my son came down with the flu.  At the onset, when he still had a small bit of an appetite, he was requesting cantaloupe.  (See “Pass the Cantaloupe” blog) I went to the grocery store.  There was a place for the cantaloupe, but there wasn’t […]

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Become One with the Instrument of the Lord

I love the cello.  The tones are rich and deep.  Someone told me that, of all the musical instruments, the cello comes the closest to resembling the sounds of a human.  I don’t know if that is true or not, but I do know that a cello somehow speaks to my soul. We are very […]

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Walking in the Footprints of Our Lord

There are a lot of blogs that do a wonderful job explaining lent, what it’s about, where it came from, etc.  I tend not to get too technical, so if you have a lenten blog that you would like to share, you are invited to comment on this blog with an invitation to readers. You […]

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Let’s Get Down to Some Serious Holy Business!

I need to switch gears for a bit because we are embarking upon, in my humble opinion, the most important season in Christianity, which is Lent.  As such, I would not be much of a servant of the Lord if I did not call attention to it. Today is the proverbial “Fat Tuesday”.  It is […]

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