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My Coveted Normal

It was just a little over 3 years ago.   I had had my annual mammogram the previous week, and they had seen something they didn’t like.  I was on my way to get a diagnostic mammogram and sonogram. I wasn’t too alarmed, as I have had several call backs since I was 37. As I was driving […]

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I’m Kreativ!

Ok, this is going to be a bit of a non-Gina type blog, but at the same time a totally Gina blog.  You see, my BFF, Lisa, gifted me with the Kreativ Blogger award.  I don’t think I’m that ‘Kreativ’ of a blogger, but she loves me, and love is sometimes blind.  Thank you, Lisa, […]

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~BeLoved~ Thank you that you help me REACH… UP ~ that I might TOUCH the Hand of God WITHIN ~ so that I might FEEL His Glory OUT ~ so that I might REFLECT His Mercy BEYOND ~ so that I might PERSEVERE ALL ~ that I might remember His PEACE that IS within… .: […]

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Let every beat of your heart be: A supplication for those that are lost; A calling forth for those that are in darkness; A comfort for those that are hurting; A pool for those who are thirsty; Warmth for those who are cold. ~ NOW ~ IS the time to RISE!

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I Thirst

You tempt me to believe that I am worthless, Telling me that I am not capable of doing good, As you lure me into the pit of darkness. You persuade me to believe that I will find my home there. I know that you are a liar. Reaching up to the light in the darkness […]

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~ Arrive ~

My heart cries out; I FEEL abandoned and lost. I know You are with me, but I cannot FEEL You. Oh, if only to FEEL Your touch. I cry in despair, Knowing that in this perceived “hell,” You WILL rescue me. Yet, in my distress, I continue to mourn the “chains” that bind. .: Birthing Pangs :. As I […]

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Empty Me

Let it be that when others see “me,” All they see is YOU. Let it be that “I” no longer exist. That “my” heart becomes YOUR heart. “My” hands, YOUR hands. “My” feet, YOUR feet. “My” spirit, YOURS. Let “my” will BE YOUR Will. Empty me.

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Diamond in the Rough

I used to write a lot of poetry when I was younger.  Mostly when I was a teenager.  It was a great way to express my heart and work through the emotions that I tucked, deep within myself.  The last poem I wrote was my Freshman year in college.  I think that was when, perhaps, […]

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a note from gina…

PLEASE pardon my 'mess'... I'm still fine-tuning the graphics and the content and, well... Let's just say I shouldn't have invited "company" in just yet, but I got too excited!

That said...I am so glad you're here!!