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We See Them as “Broken”

While reading through some of the statuses of my friends on Facebook, I came across this one: My wish for 2010 is that people will understand that children with disabilities do not have a disease; children with disabilities are not looking for a cure but ACCEPTANCE. It was posted by a long-time friend that was […]

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In the name of “Love” ~ in the SPIRIT of “hate”

Q: In what Spirit do you “correct” others? OK, so many of you know that I am a mom.  In a few weeks, my youngest will be a teenager, making me a mom of two teen-age boys (please help me!) I have always taken my role as a parent very seriously.  It started before I […]

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Carrots or Candy Bars?

Today as I walked through the kitchen I noticed a few strange-looking objects laying on the floor.  BABY CARROTS!  CARROTS?  Yes, right there in the middle of the floor. As many of you know, I have two boys.  One that likes to eat “healthy” and one that doesn’t.  So, guess who got blamed for the […]

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Lessons Learned by the STEPS

Sometime as a teenager (forgive me for not remembering exactly when) my parents decided that they had a “problem with alcohol”  and started attending AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings.  It wasn’t long until my dad started attending NA too, and then, of course, “the kids” (that’d be my sisters and I) needed to join in.  (For […]

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Turn Over the Rocks

Many years ago, looking out of the window of my living room, I spotted my boys and the two neighbor boys turning over the concrete “pavers” that had been carefully arranged in a circle around the base of the tree.  I gasped, knowing the care and time my husband had taken to stack/arrange those pavers.  […]

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I Wanna be a “Rock Star”

My oldest son turned fourteen last week. His ‘gift’ was the video game “Rock Band”. The game came complete with a “guitar,” a “drum set” and a “microphone” and is, to me, a ‘glorified’ karaoke-type game. Although I am NOT a karaoke fan, (except if my little sister is singing) I will confess — I […]

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Humble Yourself

Several weeks ago, as my oldest son and I drove down the road, he noticed a pickup perched atop a hill beside the road. (It was for sale.) “That’s a stupid place to put that pickup!” he exclaimed, going on to tell me how a strong wind would come up, nudging the pickup down the […]

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As I have shared in the past, my youngest son plays the cello.  This is his first year.  He loves playing it, but refuses to practice.  He complained last week that his teacher is teaching too fast, and turned a deaf ear as I explained that the pace wouldn’t “feel” so fast if he would […]

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The Tale of the Chicken Nugget Disaster

The other night, as I was requesting my family to make their way to the supper table, things took quite an unexpected turn. Enter Mr. PB&J (whom I have mentioned before, and is 13, by the way). He complains: “SEE! I told you that you make the same thing every night. ALWAYS meat, ALWAYS a […]

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Sacrifices Made

It was sixteen years ago on March 1.  My little sister was trying to go into labor.  She was 16.  I was living across the state of Kansas, 400 miles away.  She wanted me to be with her.  She is 8 ½ years younger than I am, and often saw me as a “mother”.  How […]

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