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This Time’s a Charm

It’s been four months since my last relationship. Unfortunately, I got my heart broken.  It wasn’t fun and it certainly wasn’t pretty, but it happens. As I finally feel ready to move on and open myself up again, I found myself thinking, maybe THIS time is going to be the charm. Then I realized, EVERY time […]

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God’s Match

This might be a bit of a ‘soapbox’ blog… As many of you know, I have been divorced for nearly 3 years.  Last winter, I joined to “kick start” the dating process.  I met a lot of men and, overall, I would say the experience was positive.  I’ve also dabbled in eHarmony a bit, but am not […]

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Dance Club the Pet Shop

Last weekend, I went out dancing with a friend.  The last time I remember going to a dance club was with my then husband when we first got married, almost 20 years ago.  It’s not that I don’t love to dance, but that I’ve been married/in a relationship, and, to be honest, it really wasn’t a […]

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My Man “Shopping List”

It’s been a little over 2½ years since my divorce was final.  I’ve dated a bit and have had a few “relationships” (of sorts), but, to be honest, I’m finding that I’m not entirely sure I know what I’m looking for this time around. I have a “list.”  (Yea, I go to a therapist from time […]

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Welcome to my new blog!  Blogging is not something new to me, but this blog certainly is.  I started writing blogs in October of 2007.  I wrote primarily religion and philosophy type blogs that I posted on MySpace.  It was fun and I met a lot of people that I still consider dear friends (and some […]

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a note from gina…

PLEASE pardon my 'mess'... I'm still fine-tuning the graphics and the content and, well... Let's just say I shouldn't have invited "company" in just yet, but I got too excited!

That said...I am so glad you're here!!