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What is Your Sentence?

I am not much into keeping up with the ongoings around the world, but I do watch CNN in the mornings while I run on the treadmill.  I know, CNN isn’t a ‘favorite’ among many, but I like it because I can read the tickers across the bottom of the screen, watch the commentary and […]

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Where are Your Accusers?

I have to admit: I like ice cream.  I like ice cream a lot actually.  In truth, as of late I’ve been preferring vanilla frozen yogurt with fresh raspberries, but that’s beside the point. My oldest son loves ice cream too.  In fact, he may love it more than I do.  When I buy ice […]

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a note from gina…

PLEASE pardon my 'mess'... I'm still fine-tuning the graphics and the content and, well... Let's just say I shouldn't have invited "company" in just yet, but I got too excited!

That said...I am so glad you're here!!